I have been a bit absent on social media and here on my blog the past 6 months. The reason why is, for starters, this amazing summer we had for once in Sweden. I spent most days renovating my studio, spending time with family, enjoying the warm sun and swimming in the sea. I didn't have much time, or even felt like spending these warm summer days infront of the computer or phone. Sometimes I just need to go offline and be in the moment with my loved ones. It was definitely one of the best summers I've had so far, even tho I didn't get to paint that much, except for walls.

Daisy kept me company whilst I renovated the studio.
Daisy kept me company whilst I renovated the studio.

The best place in the world and the best person in the world.

In my happy place.


Another reason why I've been so absent is because of too much work, not only work to do with my art.

These past few months I've been juggling studies (I've started studying Interior Artitechture a few months ago) and my art and business. And, as it’s not easy to support yourself only on your art, I’m also working in a shop to boost my income and lately I’ve been working a bit too much... But that’s about to change 2019. I’m really looking forward to focus more on my art, my studies and my series Girls this year. 



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