I often get the questions what kind of paint I use and how I create my paintings. Well now, it wouldn't be fun if I revealed all my secrets and tricks, but I thought I'll show you some of my essentials that I use when I paint. 

The most important thing, the paint. The one I normally use is a kind of acrylic enamel paint for furnitures. I get most of my colours from Flügger Färg.  I also use normal acrylic paint every now and then. 

One thing that I can't paint without is a wooden blending stick. I use it to blend the paint, to drip the paint and to even out the paint. Such a simple but magical tool!

I also use this thin brush to get rid of dust, hair or flies (stupid bastards) that has accidentally landed on the canvas. It's also a great tool to blend paint in specific areas. 

I'm thrilled to be painting again but of course, just because I finally hade a couple of days off to create I get ill. So I'm just gonna lie in bed and read Harry Potter (in Spanish!!) all day. I'll show you my new paintings when I have enough energy to get up and do anything. 

Oh, and I've changed the blog. For some reason it looks like all my post were posted today... well, well.

Lots of Love,


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