Do you have a hard time figuring out what to put on the wall over your bed? Or do you want something in your office to make it stand out? How about something huge and unique for your dining room or something to greet you in the hallway when you come home?

I hope that you have found inspiration from my available collections and I would love to get in contact with you! 

Here is how it works:
1. Fill out your information in the contact form and I will call or email you to make an appointment for a private consultation*. It's free of charge! You can also send me photos of the space where you wish to have an Art by Vo painting or if you do not have a space and just want to have a custom made painting you can just let me know which colours and size you would like. 

2. Together we will decide on colour combinations, size and quantity based on your requirements and what suites you and the space. 

3. I get to work and do what I love and do best; create amazing, unique art custom made especially for you!

4. What happens if you are not happy with the result? Don't worry, if that would be the case we will discuss the changes and make sure I understand what it is you want. I will then make a new painting free of charge. 

For mor information, read the Terms & Conditions.


House calls/interior consultations are free of charge. My art work vary in price depending on size and colours but my pricing model for custom made art is just a little bit more expensive than my available collections.

Quality and material:
Each painting will be a unique and customised piece and each piece will be painted with professional enamel & acrylic paint on high quality canvas and then sealed in UV protecting varnish or glossy art resin. 





Thanks! Message sent.

* House calls are only available in greater Gothenburg at the moment.