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I have been a bit absent on social media and here on my blog the past 6 months. The reason why is, for starters, this amazing summer we had for once in Sweden. I spent most days renovating my studio, spending time with family, enjoying the warm sun and swimming in the sea. I didn't have much time, or even felt like spending these warm summer days infront of the computer or phone. Sometimes I just need to go offline and be in the moment with my loved ones. It was definitely one of the best summers I've had so far, even tho I didn't get to paint that much, except for walls.

Daisy kept me company whilst I renovated the studio.

The best place in the world and the best person in the world.

In my happy place.


Another reason why I've been so absent is because of too much work, not only work to do with my art.

These past few months I've been juggling studies (I've started studying Interior Artitechture a few months ago) and my art and business. And, as it’s not easy to support yourself only on your art, I’m also working in a shop to boost my income and lately I’ve been working a bit too much... But that’s about to change 2019. I’m really looking forward to focus more on my art, my studies and my series Girls this year. 



  • Emma Vo

In less than 2 weeks, on Saturday 30th of June, 11am-15pm, I will be at the library in Jönköping to show my exhibition, The Healing Power Of Art. Go to my event on facebook for updates and info.

Here you can read about my exhibition & what it means to me.

The soul can be as dark and chaotic, or bright and peaceful as art. Some of us need, or can not live without, creativity as an obvious part of life to be able to function. This exhibition is a story where I so clearly discover the strength art gives me, how I, like my paintings, went from dark and chaotic to bright and harmonious.

The paintings together with their titles represent different emotional phases I have gone through. From living in a destructive relationship to breaking free and finding my way back to the light and, with help of creativity and art, learn to love again. For every painting I painted a wound healed - the healing power of art is real.



(For Swedish, scroll to the bottom of this post)

You Look Like Rain

The Weather That Howls In My Brain

I'm So Nice You Think You're Safe

Our Love Would Never Die. Well... HA. HA. HA.

Take A Hike!

We've Been Sleeping Through Winter.

Sugary Pink Peonies

Indian Summer

My Heart Has Thawed & Continues To Beat.

Själen kan vara lika mörk och kaotisk, eller ljus och harmonisk som konsten. Somliga av oss behöver, eller kan rättare sagt inte leva utan, skapandet som en självklar del av livet för att må bra. Den här utställningen är en berättelse där jag så tydligt upptäcker den styrka konsten ger mig, hur jag själv, liksom mina målningar gick från mörka och kaotiska till ljusa och harmoniska.

Målningarna tillsammans med dess titlar representerar olika känslomässiga faser jag har gått igenom. Från att leva i ett destruktivt förhållande till att slå sig fri och hitta tillbaka till ljuset och, med hjälp av skapandet och konsten, lära mig älska igen. För varje verk jag skapade läktes ett sår - den läkande kraften av konst är på riktigt.

  • Emma Vo

Girls, a series of paintings for women, the female body, for the vagina and its beauty.

A series that evoke many feelings within me, such as anger and love. A series that, to me, reflects pain, darkness, oppression and vulnerability but also beauty, femininity, exclusivity and value. A series of paintings to raise awareness of the sick tradition; female genital mutilation.

This horrible ritual makes me angry, frustrated and touched. I can not understand how, today, female genital mutilation still exist in many parts of the world. I needed to express my anger, but at the same time I wanted to convey the positive emotions I feel towards the female body. I wanted to praise women, the vagina, its beauty, exclusivity and value, and somehow portray my feelings towards femininity.

The female body and the female sex are something beautiful, something valuable that should be celebrated and praised.




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